The EPIC Buying Experience...

Buying your dream home just got easier! 

Need to Sell First?

Step 1.

Get to know you.

Known for our ability to listen and understand our clients’ needs, we strive to deliver results above and beyond your goals. It starts by getting to know you and learning about your scenario.

Once you’re ready, we’ll meet for a buyer consultation (in-person or online).  We'll narrow your search and determine what you want and need in a home. Plus, we'll help secure your mortgage pre-approval if you'll be financing your purchase.

If you'd like to explore our 'Preferred Lenders' and see who may be the best fit to help you with your financing click the link below. 👇


Meet our Preferred Lenders

We only recommend lenders whom we trust to our clients.

Step 2.

Find the perfect home & 
Submit your offer

At this point, it's time to find homes you want to tour in-person. We'll visit local open houses together and schedule viewings of the homes that you choose.

Once you find the perfect home, we'll put together a strategy and prepare an offer to present on your behalf. We'll guide you through the negotiations and ensure you're protected before moving forward.

Step 3.

Inspect & Appraise

The seller has accepted your offer and now it's time to begin the appraisal and inspection process - aka 'due diligence'.

The appraisal guarantees your lender that the market supports the price. The inspection checks that everything in the home is properly functioning with no major issues. 

We'll work through this process with you step-by-step to make it as simple as possible.


Step 4.

Negotiate repairs/credits

Inspections and appraisals often reveal items needing repairs or credits. If that's the case, we'll help you negotiate these with the seller before due diligence ends!

If the seller agrees to repair items before closing , we'll do a final inspection before you sign to ensure they're done properly.


Step 5.

Closing Day

Closing takes place at the attorney's office (or by mail if you're out of the area). 'Closing' includes signing final paperwork and wiring funds to make everything official.

Your Agent and Closing Coordinator will be with you every step of the way to make this as smooth as possible. 

And, don't sweat it if things don't work out perfectly - they seldom do.  That's where our experience will come in handy to get you through any hurdles that may pop up.


Step 6.


At this point, you're the proud new owner of your dream home! It's FINALLY time to celebrate 🙌 and begin the process of moving and settling into your new home!


Need to sell first? Or simultaneously?

We'll send you a free home valuation to help get the selling process started.

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