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The Lutz's Selling Journey!

Charles Burgess

Raised in a 'real estate' family, it was a natural fit that Charles would return home after college and join the family business way back in 2007...

Raised in a 'real estate' family, it was a natural fit that Charles would return home after college and join the family business way back in 2007...

Aug 22 4 minutes read

"We wouldn’t have wanted to go on this journey with any other company! Epic Life Realty treated us as family and was always very professional and responsive to all of our questions and concerns. Thank you again, Charles and Tricia, for guiding us through the sale of our home!" 

- John & Emily Lutz

Emily & John called us at the recommendation of close friends of theirs who knew they needed a real estate team they could trust when they were ready to sell their home.

🏠 Their home was a beauty! Well cared for over the years, in a great neighborhood, with modern kitchen and baths, a super cool basement that was perfect for entertaining large groups and we knew we were going to have fun with this one! It was obvious that they took pride in their home and wanted to pass along the years of wonderful memories they experienced while raising their three sons to a new owner who could do the same.

👨🏻‍🔧 So, after doing our thorough market analysis and agreeing to our overall plan, we started the prep process off on the right foot by hiring a local home inspector that we trust to complete a pre-listing inspection. I can’t stress enough just how critical this step is to do as early as possible because it allows us to address any minor issues that are likely to be found during a buyer’s inspection and knock them out before we ever make it to our marketing phase. After a few small repairs and some light ’staging’ to get ready for pictures we were ready for our photographer!

We launched our ‘marketing’ phase with an Open House on Saturday and ran our ‘Coming Soon’ pre-showing campaigns on Facebook the week leading up to the big day! Our ads reached over 10k people, had over 3,400 engagements & photo views, and multiple showings in the first few weeks.

🙌 At this point we're typically going to say something like - 'We accepted an offer in the first 48 hours and after an 'easy-peasy’ due diligence period we showed up at closing to sign with insanely happy sellers! ’ - but unfortunately our buyer didn’t show up with an acceptable contract for 5 months. YIKES!

We’d love to say that after 5 months of marketing and showings and finally securing an offer that everything went off without a hitch from there on, but unfortunately the buyer changed their mind during their due diligence process and terminated - putting us right back at square one.

💪This is where being seasoned veterans in the real estate game & having gone through this literally hundreds of times comes into play because we knew it wasn’t the end of the road and that this home would sell - so we crafted a new plan and went back to work. We reduced the price slightly, executed on another round of marketing based around the 'back on market' and 'new price' statuses and secured our eventual buyer within 60 days.

After roughly 70 more days our buyers successfully closed on the sale of their California home & we were finally ready to close here. It was a marathon of a process- 296 days from listing to closing - with several detours along our path, but we DON'T give up and we ultimately helped Emily & John close out this chapter of their life.

🙆🏼‍♂️ Not all transactions are ‘peaches & cream’ - and every scenario is very different - but we know that and we’re prepared to go the distance with our clients, making sure they have are cared for and updated regardless of how long it takes! 

🤔 Interested in seeing some of the actual marketing we did for this property?

 👇 Check out the links below for the actual ads + snapshots of the REAL results on each...

Coming Soon Facebook Ad 

[Click the Picture to View the Actual Ad on FB]

New Price Ad on Facebook

[Click the Picture to View the Actual Ad on FB]

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